We believe documentaries are more than just films – they’re powerful tools for uncovering truths, sparking conversations, and igniting change. 

We’re passionate about crafting compelling narratives that shed light on important issues and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

A Look Back at Our Documentary Impact:

Unflinching Social Commentary: Our documentary, “Perception,” tackled the sensitive issue of Stigmatization and Racial Injustice, igniting a national conversation and prompting policy changes in Nigeria. Viewers praised the film for its in-depth research, powerful storytelling, and unwavering commitment to truth.

Celebrating Unsung Heroes: “Lisabi – The Egba Icon of Liberation” shone a light on the inspiring story of Lisabi and the People of Egbaland, inspiring audiences with their journey of Liberation. This heartwarming documentary resonated with viewers worldwide, receiving critical acclaim for its uplifting message.

Preserving Historical Treasures: With “The State of Osun,” we embarked on a journey to document historical events in Osun State, Nigeria. This visually stunning film served as a vital historical record and fostered a deeper appreciation for African historical heritage.

The world is filled with stories waiting to be told. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits for our upcoming documentary projects:

Empowering Untold Voices: We’re committed to amplifying underrepresented voices and giving a platform to stories that need to be heard.

Interactive Storytelling: We’re exploring interactive elements that allow viewers to delve deeper into the documentary’s subject matter.

Pushing the Boundaries of Format: Expect documentaries beyond the traditional format, potentially venturing into docuseries or even virtual reality experiences.

Global Impact: We believe documentaries can bridge divides and foster understanding on a global scale. Our future projects will aim to connect viewers from diverse backgrounds.

Join Us on a Journey of Discovery

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